Crystal Token - Evolutionary Virtual Staking Platform
crystal token

Crystal Token

Evolutionary Multi-Utility Token

Dividends distributed by Crystal Reward: 39.4 ETH

Deposits are now open!

Token price: 0.0012 ETH / CYL

Remaining: 6583.6 CYL

56.1 %

Current daily round ends on 26 May 2018 20:00 (GMT +2)
crystal token

What is Crystal Token?

Crystal Token is a cryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart investments with the novel concept of Virtual Staking and different investment plans to satisfy the needs of all investors who desire a solid and constant passive income source. A trading as a service feature will allow investors to perform multi-currency automated trading exploiting an AI driven trading bot.

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Directly from your dashboard!
Bitcoin and Ethereum accepted

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Crystal Features


Virtual Staking Program

Invest your CYL tokens in our Virtual Staking plans
Convert your daily interests into CYL tokens or into ETH
virtual Staking

Full-benefits plans

Earn up to 2% interests daily
Pure reinvest feature
Token bonus feature
Full Plans

Short-term plans

Earn up to 1% interests daily
Avoid long-term waiting to take back your money
Short plans

Innovative Trading Bot

Multi-currency Trading Bot
Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
Planned trading-as-service feature
Trading Bot

Frequent Asked Questions

The crucial problem of most of the existing lending and staking platforms is that, once a profit has been generated, it is often not available for withdraw. This happens since a withdraw operation depends on the availability of people who want to buy tokens to activate a contract. This shows that the only underlying business of these platforms is a Ponzi scheme.

Other important issues include:
- Vertical management, which results in decisions taken abruptly by the team, without the approval of the community;
- Lack of constant customer rewards, which leads people to move their capitals in search of new projects;
- Limited ability to spend the token, which functionality and usefulness is strongly dependent by the platform.

In order to face all these limitations, Crystal Token proposes a number of business models that generate revenues, which will be reinvested on the platform to guarantee all its functionalities.

Moreover, we implemented convenient packages which include incremental rewards for our customers, and innovative features such as pure reinvest and our Virtual Staking program. This program rewards customers in VCYL, a virtual currency tied to the value of ETH (1 VCYL = 0.001 ETH). All the interests in VCYL can then be converted into CYL and exchanged for ETH through our Crystal Exchange or can be directly converted into ETH at the rate 1 VCYL = 0.0005 ETH.
Nobody has to worry about the possibility that there is no buy order in the exchange anymore!

Finally, our democratic system involves our community in the decisions taken during the development of the project.
Our Crystal Exchange will be launched a few days after the end of the ICO.
Users will experience a brand new way to buy and sell their tokens, where dumping will be prevented and a fair prize will be guaranteed within a given time window.

A DEMO of our Crystal Exchange is already available in the Dashboard.
We implemented the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) feature which we strongly recommend to our users to activate, in order to enforce an additional level of security.

The feature can be activated from the 2FA section of the dashboard. It is required that the user has the Google Authenticator app installed on his smartphone.

Please be aware that you are the only responsible of keeping the secret code safe, which cannot be recovered or reset.
Our team is very glad to assist you with our dedicated technical support system.
Just login into your account and write a message to our support team, which will answer you within 24 hours.

If you encounter any issue during login or registration, or just need some additional informations about the project, you can join our Telegram Community group, where you will be able to participate to the discussions or ask some clarifications to our admins.
Our ICO consists of a pre-sale stage, three main stages and a final token sale.
The date and time of each stage will be announced on our website.

Every day, at a random time, a random number of tokens between 5,000 and 50,000 will be made available for sale.
Each day, unsold tokens will be burned.

You can participate to the ICO by depositing ETH or BTC into your dashboard and our system will automatically buy CYL tokens and credit them into your dashboard. These tokens can be immediately used to open a Virtual Staking contract.

This token sale avoids locking your money for months, as done by other platforms.

In the presale and in an initial phase, yes.
In our restructured ICO, this limit has been removed and tokens will be allocated on a first-deposit/first-served basis.
Our Crystal Reward aims to reward people who already bought CYL tokens and hold them in their dashboard!

At the end each day, we will proportionally distribute 10% of the received ETH in that day to people holding at least 1,000 CYL tokens (not staked) in the dashboard. The distribution is made in terms VCYL tokens (remind that 1 VCYL = 0.001 ETH).

The price of the token will depend strictly on the demand and the offer. However, in order to stimulate an initial growth of the token price, we announced that, after the ICO, each token will have a value of 5 VCYL (that is, 0.005 ETH) for all the packages opened during the initial promotional period. This should lead organically to an initial value in the range of 0.004 - 0.005 ETH, which will increase over time as our community grows and new features and services are developed.

However, since we decided to launch our Virtual Staking program before the end of the ICO, the current CYL / VCYL rate is 1.5.
Our Virtual Staking program proposes two main categories of contracts: short-term and full benefits.
They offer different types of benefits and durations.

A contract can be activated from the Virtual Staking section of the dashboard, using CYL tokens or VCYL tokens. We remind that the VCYL currency is equivalent to 0.001 ETH and that is a virtual currency used in our platform to accumulate interests, referral bonuses and capital releases, and that can be directly converted to CYL tokens or used to open a new contract.

Each contract is defined by a start date, an end date, and it receives a daily percentage of interests calculated on the amount in VCYL at the start date of the contract.

We offer additional options such as pure reinvest and token bonus to increase the profit of the contract. Additional details can be found in the Virtual Staking section of the dashboard and in our whitepaper.

The daily percentage of interests is shown in the dashboard and depends on the revenue generated by our trading operations. Daily interests are credited into the VCYL wallet, and they can be converted into CYL daily unless you decided to opt for the pure reinvest functionality.

Once the end date of a contract is reached, the original capital invested is released in the CYL wallet.

In order to withdraw daily interests, the user needs to convert VCYL in CYL tokens and then sell CYL tokens on the internal exchange, to obtain ETH. As an alternative, VCYL tokens can be directly converted into ETH at the rate 1 VCYL = 0.0005 ETH.
Yes, each user can join Crystal Token by specifying your username in the appropriate field of the registration form.

As an alternative, you can share the direct affiliation link which can be found on the dashboard.

In order to guarantee the sustainability of the platform, we propose a single level of referrals which grants 10% (in VCYL) of the amount of each Virtual Staking contract opened by a referred user.
A referral bonus can be used only to open a new Virtual Staking contract in our platform.

Reviews and Press releases

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