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Crystal Token

Evolutionary Multi-Utility Token

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crystal token

What is Crystal Token?

Crystal Token is a cryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart investments with the novel concept of Crystal AI Trading which satisfies the needs of all investors who desire a solid and constant passive income source. Crystal investors will make profit and enjoy several services, including Signal & Trading, Marketing Campaigns, Games, Pools and much more.



CYL price

0.92 VCYL

24h volume

26.85 ETH

Circulating (platform)

969K CYL

Circulating (blockchain)

107K CYL

Locked tokens

1.55M CYL

Market cap

Crystal AI Trading
Crystal AI Trading
Daily passive revenue, based on the outcome of our investment operations
Gaming & Betting
Gaming & Betting
Win CYL tokens playing our exciting games
Advertising Campaigns
Advertising Campaigns
Advertise on our Featured Projects page and on Telegram channels
Trading & Signals
Trading & Signals
Coming soon! Automated multi-currency trading based on signals
Coming soon! Buy and sell goods and services using CYL tokens as a currency
Coming soon! Participate to several initiatives joining our pools

Get rewarded daily with our Crystal AI Trading

process Crystal AI trading

Gaming & Betting

Play our games using CYL tokens and win exciting prizes! Participate to our contests to win free tokens to play our games!

Advertising Campaigns

Use your CYL tokens to start advertising campaigns.
Let our users know about other projects, products and services through our Featured Projects page and our Telegram channels
Conceptual Design & Team Consolidation
June - December 2017
Presale & Marketing
February - March 2018
March - June 2018
Launch of Games and Advertising Services
July 2018
Launch of Crystal AI Trading
July 2018
Internal Exchange & Trading Bot Tuning
August 2018
External Exchanges & CoinMarketCap
October 2018
Trading & Signals, Pooling and Marketplaces
December 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Existing investment platforms are affected by important issues such as:
- Invested assets are locked for a long period of time;
- Unsustainable business models;
- Vertical management, which results in decisions taken abruptly by the team, without the approval of the community;
- Lack of constant customer rewards, which leads people to move their capitals in search of new projects;
- Limited ability to spend the token, which functionality and usefulness is strongly dependent by the platform.

In order to face all these limitations, Crystal Token proposes a number of business models that generate revenues, which are reinvested on the platform to guarantee all its functionalities.

Crystal AI Trading is a smart investment opportunity that rewards customers in VCYL, a virtual currency tied to the value of ETH (1 VCYL = 0.001 ETH). All the interests in VCYL can then be converted into CYL and exchanged for ETH through our Crystal Exchange.

CYL Tokens can be sold anytime. This means that interests are earned without locking tokens for long periods of time!
Moreover, the CYL/VCYL ratio is dynamic. This guarantees the sustainability of the investment program in the long-term: when bear market occurs we distribute less interests, while in the case of a market growth, we distribute more interests.
The higher the CYL value, the higher the earning in VCYL!

Finally, our democratic system involves our community in the decisions taken during the development of the project.
Yes, our single-tier referral program allows to earn 50% of the fees raised in our exchange when people presented by you buy CYL tokens. The distribution takes place in CYL tokens.

Moreover, you will earn 5% (in VCYL tokens) of daily interests received by people presented by you who participate to Crystal AI Trading. Please note that referral commissions are granted only to users holding at least 100 CYL tokens.

You can promote Crystal Token through your referral link, that can be found in your dashboard or in your referred user page.
We implemented the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) feature which we strongly recommend to our users to activate, in order to enforce an additional level of security.

The feature can be activated from the 2FA section of the dashboard. It is required that the user has the Google Authenticator app installed on his smartphone.

Please be aware that you are the only responsible of keeping the secret code safe, which cannot be recovered or reset.
Our team is very glad to assist you with our dedicated technical support system.
Just login into your account and write a message to our support team, which will answer you within 24 hours.

If you encounter any issue during login or registration, or just need some additional informations about the project, you can join our Telegram Community group, where you will be able to participate to the discussions or ask some clarifications to our admins.
Crystal AI Trading is a form of smart investment that allows to profit daily from automated AI driven multi-currency trading.
These activities are carried out automatically by the platform and are transparent to the user.

In fact, members can simply activate Crystal AI Trading from the dashboard, and those who hold at least 100 CYL tokens in the platform are eligible for daily interests.

Daily interests are credited in VCYL tokens and depend on the revenue generated by our trading operations. VCYL is a virtual currency (1 VCYL is equivalent to 0.001 ETH), that can be converted to CYL tokens.

The CYL/VCYL rate is dynamic and it is calculated as the average of the closing prices during the previous day on our exchange.
As an example, if in a given day, 1 CYL = 1.5 VCYL in the exchange, you will earn your interests according to that ratio. If the day after, 1 CYL = 4 VCYL, you will earn interests according to the new increased ratio.
The higher the CYL value, the higher the earning in VCYL.

Moreover, there are no locking constraints. Tokens can be sold in the exchange anytime!

Additional details can be found in the dedicated Crystal AI Trading leaflet.
Daily interests are credited into the VCYL wallet.

In order to withdraw daily interests, the user needs to convert VCYL into CYL tokens and then sell CYL tokens on the internal exchange, to obtain ETH.
Crystal Exchange manages sell and buy transactions of CYL tokens and ETH, and it is based on the concept of time window.
Each transaction falls within a time window, each of which is valid for three consecutive hours (hence, each day is divided in four time windows).

Differently from a traditional exchange, the user does not need to specify a desired sell price. In fact, the price of a CYL token continuously oscillates until the end of the time window, purely on the basis of demand and offer.

The temporary token value before placing any sell or buy order is always updated in the Crystal Exchange section.
However, the definitive price will be known only at the end of each time window.
This model significantly differs from that adopted by classical exchanges, since it is able to smooth the incurrence of high and low short-term peaks, leading to more stable prices.
As a further positive effect, by limiting the amount of tokens that can be sold by each user in each Stage, strong dumping activities performed by the so-called “whales” can be significantly alleviated.
Yes, this is expected. The actual execution of all orders within a specific time window takes place at the end of such time window, when the countdown hits zero.
Although only CYL/ETH and ETH/CYL pairs are available in the exchange, we support BTC deposits in a dedicated wallet on the dashboard. Once the deposit is detected by our platform, it is automatically converted to ETH at current market price. In this way, it is possible to buy tokens in the exchange placing a buy order with the converted ETH.
Users who sell their CYL tokens are charged a 5% transaction fee.

50% of this fee is used as referral commission, and 50% is used for rebuy initiatives, in order to constantly sustain the value of the token.
Once trades are confirmed by the user, it is not possible to cancel them.

However, users can counterbalance the effect of their Buy / Sell trades by placing an opposite order of the same value (considering exchange fees) of that they desire to cancel.

For example, if the user desires to cancel a Buy order of 1 ETH, and the rate shown in the exchange right before the end of the time window is 1 CYL = 0.01 ETH, the user can place a Sell order of 100 CYL.
Of course, this is possible only if the user owns this specified amount of tokens. In this way, the two orders will balance each other, leading to a similar effect to that of cancelling the first trade.
In the example above, the operation is successful if no further Sell orders, or a limited number of Sell orders, are performed after the Sell order of 100 CYL.

Reviews and Press releases

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